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For individual tarot readings, individual tuition
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based in Cranleigh, Surrey
Tarot readings & Tarot Tuition in Cranleigh, Surrey
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About Me

The tarot has been of great benefit to me personally, but also I believe, to the people that I've read for over the years - hence why many of them return regularly for further readings.  Tarot has been one of those wonderful things in my life that continues to fill me with awe, as the cards provide insights into our lives that time and again gives a fresh perspective; I watch clients leave after a reading with "new eyes".  It's a privilege and often leaves me with a strong connection to the people I've read for, whom I've only met half an hour or so ago!  I am a psychic tarot reader, which means that as well as reading the cards, I use my psychic ability whilst I'm reading.  I inherited this gift from my mother, my great-grandmother and my amazing and inspiring grandmother - who was a pianist for the silent movies, but more relevant here, she was a respected medium - and friend of the famous healer Harry Edwards.  She was also a palm, tea leaf, card and crystal ball reader! 

I have very happy memories of her coming over to tea at our house every Sunday.  It was perfectly normal to see her sitting under her black silk sheer fabric reading her crystal ball (which she gave to me before she died), or the tea leaves (which were my mother's favourite) - this was, of course after she'd handed out our comics and chocolates!  We were all used to being told what was about to happen - and she was always right too!

I've been reading the tarot since the 1970s.  I was at university in Bath when I decided to go and buy my first tarot deck.  I can't actually remember why - I just felt drawn to them, although I have a healthy curiosity about most things.  It is the tarot, however, that I'm most at home with.  I use The Mythic Tarot, which I've been using since 1988.  This deck is based on Greek Mythology and is the deck I use most frequently (and having an O level in Greek Mythology was useful when I first started using it!).  From October 2010 until 2nd May 2015, I was the resident psychic tarot reader at Mystery Mountain in Dorking and happily managed to gain a good reputation as a friendly and accurate reader.  After that, I felt like a change (although I still miss everyone from Mystery Mountain!) so only now give readings from Cranleigh, or over the phone.  Obviously, a telephone reading isn't as personal as seeing each other across a table, however, if distance is a problem then this is an option that can work very well and I still find that I connect with whomever I'm reading for.

As well as reading the tarot, I also teach both individuals and groups - something I very much enjoy! I also work as a singer and singing teacher (www.sharonduggan.co.uk). Having worked as a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist (albeit quite a while ago now) I find those skills very helpful when giving readings and as I started out as a qualified teacher (in schools) this is also very beneficial when teaching the tarot.  As well as reading the tarot, I work as a singer and singing teacher and also run a local community choir.

I'm a practising pagan myself, with leanings towards druidry and hedgewitchery - basically, I honour the cycles of the seasons and have agreat respect for the natural world, which has been the case since I was a child.  I feel most at home in the countryside and am lucky enough to live in a pretty village on the Surrey/West Sussex border, with a wonderful forest up on the hill above.